Cancellation Policy

Customers can cancel an ExecuCar reservation at any time up to one (1) hour before the scheduled pickup for a full fare refund using the website, and the official mobile app. For reservations made via phone, the booking fee is non-refundable. Cancellations can also be made by calling 1 (800) 410-4444.

ExecuCar will not provide a refund if the reservation is cancelled or changed less than 1 hour prior to pick-up time, or in the event of reservation abandonment. This includes bookings made within 1 hour of pickup time.


Flight Cancellations and Delays Due to Airlines

Failure to contact ExecuCar with flight cancellation or delay information in a timely manner may be considered reservation abandonment and may result in forfeiture of fare. Reservations impacted by airline delays and cancellations may qualify for refund when a replacement reservation is made.

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