Third Party Vouchers

What is a third party voucher?

ExecuCar permits many partners to re-sell its services, including travel agents, travel aggregators, and transportation aggregators. For third party providers, terms and conditions for services and vouchers will be established by the provider, but shall not supersede the Terms established herein by ExecuCar.

It is the customer’s responsibility to ensure that the terms of any services purchased match the service for which they intend to use it, prior to any posted expiration dates. Expired vouchers cannot be redeemed as a form of payment. Refunds, changes to reservations, and billing issues on reservations made through third party travel partners and agents must be directed to the third party provider or agent firm for assistance.

Company-issued vouchers serve as a form of payment and the original, hard-copy voucher may be required as payment in the vehicle, at time of payment. In select cities, for rides from the airport, customers may be requested to present voucher to the Customer Service Representative at the airport.

Depending on arrangements made with the Third Party Provider, vouchers may serve only as a form of payment and may not constitute a reservation. Customers may still need to schedule a reservation in advance to ensure pick-up.

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